The Story Behind the Sauce

Mack Daddy's Hawg SauceThe basic recipe for Mack Daddy's Hawg Sauce has been around for about forty years. I love to cook and began making it at home because I used to cook ribs and pork butts pretty often. I went to a restaurant supply store and bought a five gallon stainless steel commercial grade pot to cook it in. There are so many ingredients in the recipe that it would take my wife and I about four hours just to put the ingredients into the pot. Then I would slowly cook it for a long time and eventually put it into mason jars. It would make about two and a half cases of sauce. I work in sales for myself and starting passing my sauce out to customers and friends all over the country. I have been doing that for many years. When my customers starting asking for cases I realized the demand for it had surpassed my ability to produce it at home so I chose a packer to produce it for me. That’s about how it has gone until recently when my son suggested we should start selling it. So many people over the years have raved about it that I agreed and told my son and daughter to come up with a good name. They came up with “Mack Daddy's Hawg Sauce”! We designed the label to go with the name and have received many compliments on both. The sauce is great for grilling or dipping and goes well on pretty much anything. We hope you'll give it a try.


The Story Behind the Mack Daddy's Blackener

Mack Daddy's BlackenerAbout twenty five years ago when I was on vacation on Captiva Island, I blackened for the very first time and I had a bad experience and I wasn't really satisfied. What happened was this. The condos we were staying in had some gas grills outside that the guests were allowed to use. We had an old cast iron skillet with us and I had just caught some fresh grouper that day on a party boat. So this was the day to try it. I took the skillet (it was a dry skillet by the way, you don't put any oil in it) and turned this gas grill on high, put the skillet on the grate, closed the cover, and left the skillet there for about twenty minutes. When I came back, I swear it looked white hot. I had already dipped the grouper in melted butter and sprinkled on the blackening spice. I tossed the grouper in the skillet and it caught on fire and that was what it was supposed to do. Actually, what happens is that the skillet is so hot that the butter will sometimes ignite but it usually burns off in twenty seconds or so. There was a lot of smoke and I couldn't even see the fish because it was down in the bottom of this cast iron skillet covered with smoke. Well everything was pretty much as I anticipated until I turned the fish over. What I noticed was that the skillet had cooled off considerably and the second side wasn't really being blackened the way the first side was. That was a disappointment. I believe that what happened was the big hunk off grouper acted like a big heatsink and drew the heat right out of the skillet. I don't believe it had enough mass to maintain the heat needed to blacken properly. It was at that moment that I came up with an idea - I thought, what if I had a skillet that was thicker so it would hold heat better and longer, and what if it was griddle shaped, oblong like, so that there was more room for long fish fillets that were difficult to put in a round skillet, and what if it had real short sides so that I could see what I was cooking through the dense smoke. What if?


I decided that this idea would be one that I would act on and that was exactly what I did. I created the Bayou Blackener, which is the heaviest cast iron griddle-shaped skillet that I am aware of. It is about twice as thick as anything else and it weighs about 11 pounds. The Bayou Blackener was the best blackening skillet you can buy because it holds heat better and longer, because it has more usable room than conventional round skillets and because the sides are short and make it easier to see and turn over the food. It is a simple idea but it works. It really works!


I sold thousands and thousands of Bayou Blackeners years ago, many of them through mail order, and have always offered a money back guarantee. Never, not ever, has anyone ever asked for their money back! In fact, many people are repeat customers. They buy them as gifts for friends and relatives. I haven't tried to promote this product for quite a while and I found out through my attorney that the trademark for the Bayou Blackener could not be reinstated because of infringement reasons. So I have changed the name to Mack Daddy's Blackener which I think is even better. It actually IS better because it now comes PRE-SEASONED. All of my mail order business years ago was by word of mouth. One woman in Florida eventually bought somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty or twenty five skillets from me over a period of several months. My curiosity got the best of me and I finally called her and told her I really appreciated her business but I had to know what was she doing with all those skillets? She told me that she and her husband made Fajitas on theirs and that their friends liked it so much when they would have them over for dinner that they would give them away as gifts. Another man told me that his wife wrote hers into their divorce settlement.


It really is a great product and I am convinced you can do it better with my Mack Daddy's Blackener, and you can obtain fantastic results and learn to do it better than a restaurant. Remember, I always offer a money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose? Just remember, we now call it Mack Daddy's Blackener.